So what do you do when you get the flu? First and foremost, put a reminder in your phone for October 1st to get your family and yourself flu shots for NEXT flu season. (only $19 this past year at OFM)

Second if you go from “I feel fine” to “I’ve been struck by a vehicle” and fever in just a few hours … get checked. Your doc will help you make the decision to use antivirals or not, but it has to be done in the FIRST 48 hours.

Third, with or without the antivirals you are going to FEEL terrible, have a fever, and miss work/school. Best symptom relievers are HYDRATION, rest, antiinflammatories (like ibuprofen or naproxen), pain relievers (like acetaminophen aka tylenol). When I say hydration, I mean a LOT. Like you can use the restroom and it’s so clear no one knows you’ve been there. The good guys in your body they swim to fight the bad guys … they dont fly. Think about epsom salt baths. The magnesium is a good muscle relaxer and antiinflammatory.

The flu can last days to weeks. Pt of mine missed 3 weeks of work 3 years ago. She had never gotten the flu shot before. She gets it every year now, believe me. You are contagious until fever gone 24 hours.

Get your flu shot next year and every year. It’s not perfect but it is the BEST thing we have to prevent it. PREVENTION is always better than treatment.

Dr D