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Covid 19.: How long do we hide?

So there's a lot of to do about the physicians from CA making a case to reopen CA and they think "sheltering in place" is not the right decision to make. See the full hour long video here if you would like: Now to be clear,...

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Coronavirus Testing and Playing Darts

I want to talk about the testing for coronavirus and all the difficulties with the new testing options. I was contacted 3 times last week. Once by a patient, once by a friend, and twice by lab companies trying to get me to buy a bunch of the new point of care (POC)...

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Corona Virus Isolation and how It Affects Us

Is anyone out there feeling ... (wait for it) ... ISOLATED? Today I want to talk about how isolation affects us, and what we can do about it. Obviously humans are social creatures, so quarantining, self isolation, social isolation, avoiding other humans affects us...

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Allergies, flu, and corona virus! Oh my!

Well everyone else is talking about the corona virus (covid19) so I figured I would chime in. First, I am completely stealing MOST of what I am writing today in this blog. Mainly because this outbreak has been covered ad nauseum for more than a week. Second, I still...

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