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Jeffrey Davenport, MD

Surprise! Covid Update!

  Of course what else would we talk about this week? As the nation and my state continue to deal with Covid 19, I will give an update on some stuff that is changing/improving. First let's talk about masks. I dont really know why wearing masks has become so...

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What holiday is today?

So I couldnt think of what to talk about today. That led me to think, "I wonder if there is an obscure holiday today?" and guess what? You got it. It's National Pink Day! So according to some research, pink was originally a neutral color not associated with sex. For a...

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Ear infections middle and outer Oh My!

Two main types of ear infections I want to teach you about today. Middle ear aka otitis media and outer ear aka otitis externa. Otitis media, middle ear, occurs most often in the winter but can be year round. It is typically from fluid backup into the middle ear from...

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We are hurting, arent we?

  I would much much rather talk about contact dermatitis and poison ivy today, but I just cant pass up the responsibility to comment on recent events. There seems to be no way to discuss anything of consequence any more without someone getting angry, but at the...

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Covid 19.: How long do we hide?

So there's a lot of to do about the physicians from CA making a case to reopen CA and they think "sheltering in place" is not the right decision to make. See the full hour long video here if you would like: Now to be clear,...

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