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Jeffrey Davenport, MD

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Ranada Collins-Sims, LPC-LADC

coronavirus got you scared?

First some stats currently on the new coronavirus. Currently in the US the cdc has confirmed only 15 (35 total from travelers on state dept planes) cases as of 2/24/2020. (ref It hasnt caused any deaths here...

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Cash Is King!

There is no argument that health care costs have gotten ridiculously out of control and unfortunately patients are feeling the brunt of it. Most are paying out-of-pocket either by choice or due to high deductibles. Insurance companies negotiate prices with hospital...

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Flu got you down?

So what do you do when you get the flu? First and foremost, put a reminder in your phone for October 1st to get your family and yourself flu shots for NEXT flu season. (only $19 this past year at OFM) Second if you go from "I feel fine" to "I've been struck by a...

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Guess who?

Guess who will be presenting at the AAFP National Conference for Family Medicine and Medical Students!?! Huh? You'll never guess. I'll give you three tries! That's right. You guessed it. I will. I am very excited and honored to get the opportunity to speak to future...

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Hello world!

Welcome to One Focus Medical informational Blog! This blog is designed to give you the latest updated information on all things DPC! Most recent federal update: H.R. 3708 The Primary Care Enhancement Act Advances to the House Floor The Primary Care Enhancement Act, a...

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