Our Fees

Our Fees

Medical Monthly Membership

  • Adults 20 – 49 years old, $64 / month
  • Adults 50 – 64 years old, $79 / month
  • Adults 65 and older, $99 / month
  • Children under 20 years old, $19 / month with at least one parent membership

Weight Loss Management Membership

  • $50/Month plus medication
To help you reach your weight loss goals and maintain long term success Dr Davenport uses a multi-factorial approach, including discussions and education on lifestyle and dietary changes along with prescription medication when desired. These medications include compounded GLP-1s Semaglutide (starting at $150/mo and increasing with dosage) and Tirzepatide (starting at $250/mo increasing with dosage). Dosing changes will be determined based on monthly weight checks and how you are feeling at your current dosage.
Please feel free to call if you have further questions.

(At this time we are not able to provide routine vaccinations, call to discuss how we can help arrange these for you.)

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