I would much much rather talk about contact dermatitis and poison ivy today, but I just cant pass up the responsibility to comment on recent events. There seems to be no way to discuss anything of consequence any more without someone getting angry, but at the risk of that happening, I am going to do so anyway.

I dont have any great solutions to our societal ills short of everyone acting like Jesus all the time. The obvious flaw being that He was perfect and we are not. So I myself at least STRIVE to act like Jesus all the time. Of course I fail miserably VERY often.

Typically I refuse to get caught up in all the political dogma: the right, the left, white, black, Blue lives matter, Black lives matter, so on and so forth. Generally I support my officers of the law. They have a hard job. One I wouldnt want. They put their lives on the line and protect and serve every day, so I dont have to. Very much like our military does for me.

Within the police force there are individual humans. I’ve already stated that humans are failures. So this officer failed. He showed the lowest form of humanity that we have. Contempt for another person. Disregard for that person’s life. In my opinion, what I saw was a murder. The lowest form of failure we have. I think he should be held accountable for his failure and punished severely.

The scarier thing to me was the failure of the other officers present. I cannot speak for them, but I suspect the “protect your partner” attitude that all people in uniform are taught and share overcame the “protect and serve” that should be the higher calling. They protected the wrong person in that situation. I believe they should  be held accountable as well.

Protests happen during daylight and dont include violence or destruction. Most violence and destruction is caused by people who just want violence and destruction. Not from people that want change AWAY from violence.

So when my 19yo daughter is screaming and crying in fear, frustration, and brokenness last night … “Why does it take so freaking long to change anything in this country?!?” I dont have an answer. But I also wanted her to understand that things DO change. Things arent the same as they used to be. The police chief in the city is AA (i dont watch the news much so please forgive me if I make any inaccurate statements). He immediately fired those officers, including the ones standing there. The perpetrator/officer has been arrested and charges filed. It’s not being swept under the rug. It’s not being covered up. I pray he is punished appropriately.

Just to be clear … I know things havent changed enough, nor fast enough. We have a lot of work to do.

I am happy that we have raised our daughters to be upset, angry, heart broken by such an atrocity. I am glad to live in a country of such diversity. I am glad people are mad and want things improved. I do to.

Really quick two thoughts of mine, and then I am done. The authorities must reevaluate themselves. The police need to police the police. They have to hold each other accountable. Even at the moment of the issue. I cant imagine the adrenaline that they deal with that turns any human into a less evolved being for a period. (In this particular case I dont believe there was any adrenaline issue). But to have a partner officer have the ability to say, “No we dont do that!” and be supported is a key.

Second, how about more of us become officers of the law? Want to change something? Do it. If you’re smart, if you’re black, if you’re white, if you’re strong, if you care, if you’re female, if you’re male, if you’re talented … step up to serve and protect. Be the change you want to see.

Thanks for reading, and we love all God’s children here at OFM.

Dr D