Alright everyone I am tired of talking about that one virus! You know the one … Covid 19. I didnt even want to say it but i need it in there for search engine optimization!!! What I really want to talk about today is how to help your immune system defend against ANY and EVERY illness.

The corona virus is the same as any other virus with respect to preventing it. So I want to discuss immune system protection and supplementation.

People always ask me, “Doc how do you keep from getting sick?” First of all, I am blessed with a good immune system. I am young and healthy. These are things i cant control. Also the things I CAN control, I do.

Dont smoke. You want to be sick a lot, smoke ’em if you got ’em. There is no greater immune suppressant other than chemotherapy or other drugs. Smoking prevents your immune system in so many ways I could fill the next two blogs explaining them.

Drink WATER!! I know, I know. Boring right? When folks are sick I tell them to drink enough water to go urinate every hour, and it should be clear enough that you can walk away and no one knows you’ve been there. The first thing i do every morning is drink a large amount of water (about a liter). I pound it. Hammer it down. It’s enough to make my stomach uncomfortable for a minute. Just like your old college days. C’mon people dont try to pretend you dont know what a bong is … I know you do! That amount of fluid in the first hour of being awake helps get your immune system going. I tell my patients, “the good guys in your body need fluid to fight the bad guys. They swim, they dont fly.”

Get sleep. Manage stress (best to do cardiovascular activity 30min 5x/week for this).


Treat your allergies for criminy’s sake. If you are snotting all over everything, coughing, sneezing, etc you’re just spreading everything everywhere. Train yourself and your kids to cough into the bend of the inner elbow. If you use your hand you just spread it to everything you touch. If you dont train your kids it hurts you most of all. Those little people are just petri dishes running around. They will get you sick sooner or later if you dont train them well.

There are a couple of supplements that can help. There’s no real evidence that vitamin C helps AFTER you get sick. But it does help BEFORE you get sick. Vitamin C supplementation helps boost the immune system.

Zinc is even better. It helps before and after infection. Zinc supplementation KILLS viral particles. All viral particles.

So get rest, wash hands, dont smoke, drink a ton of fluid, take some zinc and vit C. Then you will have a Super Immune System!

Dr D

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