So there’s a lot of to do about the physicians from CA making a case to reopen CA and they think “sheltering in place” is not the right decision to make. See the full hour long video here if you would like:

Now to be clear, I am not justifying or supporting any of the data they tracked nor the “science” they are claiming. Admittedly I havent watched every minute of this video. I only post it as a reference to give my opinion on the discussion. I think the main point of all this is: how long are we going to isolate, quarantine, socially distance, etc due to the covid 19?

The short answer is: I dont know. The other short answer is: I dont think anyone else knows either. Even with this video, CDC recommendations, state health departments, all the academies for each specialty, “evidence” and “data” from any of the other countries around the world, I dont think there is any one answer. That’s my big point today. There is no ONE answer in my opinion. I am evaluating each situation as best I can.

Here in OK I definitely dont think we should be following as strict of guidelines as some of the other harder hit areas. I think consideration for opening up the economy is absolutely appropriate. Note I said consideration. I think those types of decisions are very difficult.

Which is another point I want to make. Our elected officials at federal, state, community levels are trying to make decisions not just based on MEDICAL concerns. Theoretically if sheltering in place works then yes, that’s the way to defeat the virus spread. However, at what cost? The question of “is the cure worse than the illness?” is always a concern for ANY medical decision. When we are discussing shelter in place being the cure, then you also have to discuss the risks/consequences of that cure. The financial, social, emotional, societal effects are to be evaluated as well. I am glad that I have elected officials to make those decisions rather than myself. I believe that is tough.

As far as the video above … I dont believe all their science is well organized and so their conclusions are still based on theory in my opinion. That said, I tend to agree with their theory. In the areas of the country where the virus is less prevalent we should begin to open up. I feel pretty good about the relatively low risk in places where there isnt much viral spread. People have to recognize that there IS risk, but there is risk in getting into the car every day and we still do it. Also there is risk if we do nothing. So if a person or family is higher risk, I would encourage them to maintain more isolation and protection. For the rest of us I recommend continuing to use the methods we all know about: social distance, consider gloves/masks, socially isolate if you’re higher risk, wash hands, hydrate, stay rested. I still think avoiding large “unnecessary” crowds would be smart. No concerts, sporting events, etc yet. I think we will be able to do all that in a matter of months.

We will return to normal life at some point. I think that point is different depending on the location and the individual/family. As for myself and my family, we will begin to return to normal as much as possible week of May 4. Star Wars day I might add. We will still not shake hands, keep our distance, not hug my grandma, but getting out and about … I am looking forward to that.

Dr D