There is no argument that health care costs have gotten ridiculously out of control and unfortunately patients are feeling the brunt of it. Most are paying out-of-pocket either by choice or due to high deductibles. Insurance companies negotiate prices with hospital systems and patient pay the bill – a grossly over priced bill. The good news is you are not held captive to these agreed upon prices. YOUR CASH IS KING! and you can use it to your advantage.  Cutting out the middleman, shopping out prices, and paying cash for your care directly to the provider can actually save you a lot of money!

Part of our commitment to patient care has always been to help patients save money on healthcare. If we cant provide the service in our office we will help get them connected with the best services for the best prices. After working for years to build relationships with other health professionals in our community that provide excellent care for affordable cash prices we now have the privilege of sharing with our patients as well.

Sesame’s mission is simple: make it easier and more affordable for all Americans to access high-quality health care. They provide an online platform that allows you to shop out health care services in your area! Search for services, compare prices and schedule your appointment all on one site. How great is that?

Check it out and let us know what you think!